Alzrc Devil 450 Pro Fbl Kit Empty Helicopter Diy Part
Alzrc Devil 450 Pro Fbl Kit Empty Helicopter Diy Part Photo

Alzrc Devil 450 Pro Fbl Kit Empty Helicopter Diy Part

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Description: Color: Black / Silver Body length: 635mm Body Height: 230mm Main rotor diameter: 710mm Tail rotor diameter: 158mm Motor main gear: 13T Transmission main gear: 150T Tail Drive Gear: 106T Tail drive gear: 25T gear ratio: 1: 11 5:4.24 Features: -flybarless rotor group, in favor of 3D flight


Integrated battery / governor holder, in addition to the battery holder allows more stable, but also according to different specifications of the battery, the battery holder position adjustment to achieve the optimum focus state helicopter

New improved design of the fuselage side, especially set the gyroscope with a fixed position, it can be placed inside the fuselage or swashplate guide plate so that the helicopter structured wiring, look more simple and beautiful

The integrated spindle and servo mounts, and modify the site link with the side, so that the server is easier disassembly, repair time increase convenience

Unique tapered tail rotor centrifugal force balance clip seat design, effectively increase rudder and gyro performance, so that the tail rudder lock and operating effect is more solid and more accurate

Vertical Tail server mounts designed to allow the helicopter to focus more on the center of gravity position, so that 3D flight have superior athletic performance

high efficiency tail shaft drive design, dramatically reduce power consumption when the belt drive, the relative increase in dynamic performance when flying

Brushless ESC x 1 7.CCPM metal miniature digital servo x 3 8

In addition, reducing the number of screws can be installed more quickly and reduce time to repair the machine

Manual Click here Package Include 1 x empty helicopter DIY part

Part you need to prepare yourself 1

Plug Set x 1 Note This is an empty helicopter without dryer hood, main rotor, motor fixing screws, motor gear, rotor support, installation tool, please prepare yourself

The digital lock Rudder x 1 9

The pitch gauge or digital pitch gauge 4.11.1V 3S Li-Po 2000 2300mAh battery Click here 5

The receiver 6CH above 3

The three-axis gyroscope Set x 1 10

Transmitter 6CH above the helicopter mode remote control 2

Brushless motor x 1 6